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s19 xp hdy.


WORLD DIGITAL MINING SUMMIT (WDMS GLOBAL), by BITMAIN - the world's leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER will be gathering the top global mining and blockchain companies for the mining event of the year.

This year, WDMS will be held in Cancun, Mexico, from November 8-10, gathering industry pioneers, focusing on PoW Power and Mining Impetus, diving into efficient and clean mining, discussing hydro cooling technology, brainstorming the digital future in Latin America, creating a better digital world hand in hand.

WDMS will also bring a surprise to the mining industry——the cutting-edge hydro cooling model S19 XP Hyd. will be at a special promotion while the first-ever themed NFT will be released in limited quantities. More surprises are waiting for you to explore.

Rise above and together build a consensus, prepare in the Bear and prosper in the Bull! Join BITMAIN and the global digital community to build a better digital world!

Summit Venue

Grand Hotel Cancun by Kempinski (Formerly Ritz-Carlton Hotel)




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