Merkle Standard Data Center

A premier digital asset mining farm

Company Merkle Standard
Data Center Location Washington
Energy Source Grid electricity (hydropower)
Construction Period Phase I 100MW May 2022
Total Load 500MW

Merkle Standard is a premier digital asset mining company with a distinct focus on developing North America's largest vertically-integrated self-mining platform with a negative carbon footprint. Phase I’s 100MW capacity incorporates air-cooled miners and Phase II’s 225MW incorporates hydro cooling containers, housing nearly 51,000 high-performance ANTMINER water-cooling and air-cooled mining machines.

The full site is expected to be online in June 2023, and Phase I 100MW is expected to be ready in May 2022. Merkle Standard currently hosts thousands of air-cooled and water-cooled mining servers, most of which are ANTMINER S19j Pro and ANTMINER S19 Pro+ Hyd.

Riot Blockchain Data Center

An industry leader in Bitcoin mining and hosting

Company Riot Blockchain, Inc.
Data Center Location Rockdale, Texas
Energy Source Mixed-grid generational resources from Texas’ ERCOT grid
Construction Period Current 400 MW Expansion April 2022
Total Load Total developed capacity 750 MW

Riot Blockchain is an industry leader in Bitcoin mining and hosting. The Company focuses on a vertically integrated strategy of building, owning, and operating its infrastructure. Riot’s strategy is demonstrated through its Whinstone facility located in Rockdale, TX, where it benefits from low-cost power from Texas’ ERCOT mixed generational grid.

The Whinstone facility has a total capacity of 750 MW, with 400 MW of Bitcoin mining infrastructure developed as of April 2022 and an additional 300 MW in progress. 200 MW of Riot’s capacity at Whinstone is committed to utilizing immersion-cooling Bitcoin mining technology.Riot’s Whinstone facility employs over 200 people, with extended support from over 400 contractors. Riot also owns ESS Metron, an electrical equipment engineering, and manufacturing company located in Denver, CO.

Applied Blockchain Data Center

A publicly-traded builder and operator of next-generation datacenters

Company Applied Blockchain, Inc.
Data Center Location North Dakota, USA
Energy Source Electricity Grid (Wind, Solar)
Construction Period North Dakota (100MW) Operational
Under Development for 2022:
North Dakota (200MW)
Texas (200MW)
Total Load 500MW

Applied Blockchain Inc. (APLD) is a publicly-traded builder and operator of next-generation datacenters across North America, which provide substantial computing power to blockchain infrastructure and support Bitcoin mining.

APLD has a 100MW operational data center in North Dakota, USA, hosting thousands of air-cooled servers, mainly the ANTMINER S19j Pro, with two additional data centers under construction, a 200MW project in North Dakota and a 200MW data center in Texas, expected to be completed in 2022.APLD acts as a ballast to stabilize the electrical grid while encouraging the buildout of intermittent renewable energy generation such as wind and solar.

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