Texas Mining Farm – a supreme large-scale water-cooling mining farm in the industry

Total load 600MW
Conduction time Phase I 100MW March 2022
Location of mining farm Texas
Type of electricity Grid electricity (natural gas, wind, solar)
Company Poolin US

Poolin US Texas Mining Farm is a supreme premier large-scale water-cooling mining farm in the industry, which is equipped with the industry-leading AntSpace water-cooling container system. The Phase I 40MW and Phase II 200MW are water-cooling containers, matching nearly 47,000 high-performance ANTMINER water-cooling mining machines.

Poolin US is a "win-win, long-term, loyal" strategic partner of BITMAIN. As a leading one-stop service platform for cryptocurrencies, Poolin US is currently building 2 cryptocurrency data centers in Texas, USA, covering 145 acres with a total capacity of 600MW, which are expected to be built in June 2022, and Phase I 100MW is expected to be electrified in March 2022. The project is in partnership with the utility TNMP, where up to 40 percent of power is green energy.

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