Senior Software Engineer

Bitmain Inc

Post Date : April 1, 2018

Employment type : Full Time

Job Location : US

Job Description


  • Design and develop key features and algorithms from conception to completion;
  • Deploy web services on cloud platforms like AWS and Aliyun;
  • Improve the throughput of web services by leveraging NGINX for load balancing and REDIS for caching;
  • Setup automation platform for unit testing and integration testing;
  • Work closely with QA engineers to monitor and debug deployed services;
  • Use Sentry for real-time error tracking and log analysis;
  • Conduct technical interviews and new employee training.




Require Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Technology or another closely related field with three years experience. Apply to: Bitmain Inc., 640 West California Ave., Suite 210, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Attn: HR.