SRAM Design Engineer

Bitmain Inc

Post Date : October 18, 2017

Employment type : Full Time

Job Location : Beijing/Shanghai

Department : AI

Job Description

Job Description

  • Be involved in designing and implementing optimum low-power and area-efficient embedded memory (SRAM, register files, etc.) circuits and architectures, as well as driving physical design.
  • Develop memory architectures and circuit implementation techniques. Schematic entry, simulation of major blocks, layout planning, layout supervision and full verification and model generation.


The Successful Applicant

  • 5+ years of academic or professional experience designing embedded memories for SoC applications.
  • SRAM/Register File architectures and advanced custom circuit implementations.
  • Full embedded memory design flow: Architecture, circuit design, physical implementation, compiler automation, characterization, timing and model generation.
  • Physical implementation (layout) and layout supervision.
  • Advanced technology nodes.

(Preferred qualifications in the following areas are a plus:)

  • Experience with tight pitch-matched memory layout designs.
  • Understanding of physical implementation impact on circuit performance.
  • Familiarity with variation-aware design in nano-meter technology nodes.