Mining Farm Cooperation Opportunities

Establish collaborations between high-quality mining farms and BITMAIN's hosting services to achieve long-term, win-win partnerships!

Hydro-cooling Miner Hosting
  • ANTSPACE Consignment: high returns with low investment
  • Hosting flagship ANTMINERs: low risk
Air-cooling Miner Hosting
  • Excellent hosting price per unit
  • Priority rights to purchase ANTMINER
Mining Hosting Coupons
1. Cooperative mining farms are up on time and meet online rate targets
  • Coupons of $10,000/MW for air-cooling miner hosting
  • Coupons of $20,000/MW for hydro-cooling miner hosting

2. If the online rate of the cooperating mining farm reaches 98% for 2 consecutive months, the partner will be rewarded with a coupon of 5% of the hosting fee for 2 months.

High-quality Mining Farm Recommendations

Merkle Standard Mining Farm
Company Merkle Standard
Mining Farm Location Washington
Energy Source Grid electricity (hydropower)
Construction Period Phase I 100MW May 2022
Total Load 500MW