Our Company

The vision and mission of BITMAIN is focusing on blockchain server sector,

making a better human-being digital world through providing excellent products and service.


BITMAIN, established in October 2013, is a global leading blockchain server company. Currently, BITMAIN’s R&D center and subsidiaries are located in global 14 countries and regions, with over 600 employees.

ANTMINER, the miner brand under BITMAIN, has become a mid-long term leader in global blockchain server with the supreme product performance and manufacturing quality. Its market share has reached about 80%, with clients from over 100 countries and regions. ANTMINER has established sales and client service centers in many countries such as the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, etc.
BITMAIN has the most advanced technology on hashrate energy consumption ratio in the world, providing the most energy efficient hashrate infrastructures and solutions to global blockchain network.
BITMAIN is also dedicated to the applications of blockchain technology and green energy. In the digital wave, our mission is “making a better human-being digital world” through products and service.

Technology as core

The product performance has been leading in industry for 8 years

0.18 TH/s 140 TH/s
Product hashrate growth 700 times for single miner
2000 J/TH 21.5 J/TH
Product energy consumption ratio decreased 90%

R&D team


Global employees 600+

About 10% employees graduated from Chinese top universities or American Ivy League universities


Over 50% employees with graduate degrees 50%

Over 70% employees in key departments with graduate or post-graduate degrees


50% employees in R&D 50%

All Key R&D team members with experience from global top semi-conductor companies

Global business distribution

Global leading and consistent market share for years, clients locating in over 100 countries and regions